Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Sticker Freebie

For several years I have purchased Play Pack Grab & Go packs to

 give to my Kinders on their Birthdays.  I often  find them in the 

Dollar Spot at Target or Michael’s. They include an activity book, 

crayons, and stickers.  They come in fun characters that the kids 

love! This year’s packs are sure to be a big hit: Minions, Frozen,

 My Little Pony, and Avengers! I keep these little birthday packs in

a cupcake themed box. Last year every time a kiddo picked a pack I

 thought "I need to make stickers for these packs!"  Well . . . 

summer is coming to an end and I FINALLY made the stickers!  

Aren't they cute! 

Just print them using Avery White Shipping Labels (5264)

I placed the stickers on the back of each pack. 

They're all ready for the year! 

Grab them for FREE in my store!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Here comes SPRING!

I am excited to get my classroom ready for SPRING!  We had a long, cold, and snowy winter here in NH and it's time to brighten things up! In fact, it's snowing right now - ugh!
I'm looking forward to a week of Easter and Spring activities!  Here's a look at couple of activities in my room next week:

Easter and Spring Words will be placed in the Writing Center.  My students LOVE the variety of writing paper they can choose from, too.  These sets have a variety of paper with different pictures and lines for writing fun spring stories!


Count the Room is a monthly favorite in my room!  

This week we will be using Easter Count the Room.  The pictures are adorable and from one of my favorite clip art artists, Whimsy Clips.  I tape the pictures up around my room.  The children grab a recording sheet and a clip board and search for the cards.  When they find a card they count the objects and write the number in the corresponding egg on the recording sheet.  You can find this activity here in my TpT Store.

It's going to be a busy week but I will try to take some photos of what we're up to and post them!