Saturday, March 28, 2015

Here comes SPRING!

I am excited to get my classroom ready for SPRING!  We had a long, cold, and snowy winter here in NH and it's time to brighten things up! In fact, it's snowing right now - ugh!
I'm looking forward to a week of Easter and Spring activities!  Here's a look at couple of activities in my room next week:

Easter and Spring Words will be placed in the Writing Center.  My students LOVE the variety of writing paper they can choose from, too.  These sets have a variety of paper with different pictures and lines for writing fun spring stories!


Count the Room is a monthly favorite in my room!  

This week we will be using Easter Count the Room.  The pictures are adorable and from one of my favorite clip art artists, Whimsy Clips.  I tape the pictures up around my room.  The children grab a recording sheet and a clip board and search for the cards.  When they find a card they count the objects and write the number in the corresponding egg on the recording sheet.  You can find this activity here in my TpT Store.

It's going to be a busy week but I will try to take some photos of what we're up to and post them!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Book Boxes using Recycled Cereal Boxes

Each month I send home a family homework activity.  This one, for Reading Book Boxes, is done at the beginning of the year.  At home, the parents will cut an empty cereal box and then the children decorate the box with craft supplies.  The kids really get into this using all kinds of things to decorate with - wrapping paper, gems, duck tape, stickers, foam shapes, decorative paper - you name it!  Here is what mine looks like.  It was so easy to make!

I keep them on a shelf in my classroom.  They are all unique!  The kids can easily pick out their own book box!  

The Book Boxes stay in the classroom all year.  I add emergent readers that the children color on their own and then read.  You can find my emergent readers (like the one below) in my TpT Store.

My Reading Book Box Family Homework activity is available in my TpT Store.  It includes the printable directions to send home with each child.  You can also edit the due date.

 Click here to purchase the 
Reading Book Box Family Homework activity from my TpT Store.