Letter Buddies Contest & Giveaway!

I was so excited to receive this complete set of Letter Buddies Starters!  This set includes 24 books for emergent readers (one for each letter of the alphabet and X,Y,Z are combined in one book). 

There are many things I love about the books:
First, the size is just right for little hands - they are about 8 x 5 3/4 inches.  Next, each book includes real photos on each page.  The colors are vibrant and fill most of the page.  My students LOVE this!

Each book focuses on one letter.  The focus letter for each book is made into a little character that is included in the photo on each page.  The children really love watching the characters and seeing their facial expressions change!  The photos include objects that begin with the focus letter.  One thing that I really like is that the books on vowels concentrate on the short sound of the letter.  C and G also concentrate on the hard sound of each letter.  I also like that the book about Q includes both of the letter Q and U characters throughout the story.  

Each page includes simple sentences using sight words from the Dolch List.  The words are bold with ample spacing between each word.  The focus letter is highlighted at the beginning of each word as a visual cue for the reader.  

The last page includes a writing activity for the students.  Written and visual directions are given making them easy to follow.  

My kindergarten students enjoy reading the Letter Buddies Starters!  They are great boosting the self confidence of emergent readers!

Would you like to win this set?
Hameray Publishing is having a contest to win a COMPLETE Letter Buddies set!  That's a $370 value!  Click here to view the complete 

The complete set includes:
Letter Buddies Letter Books
Letter Buddies Blends Books
Letter Buddies Starters (read above review)
Letter Buddies Best Friends
Letter Buddies Letter Mats
Letter Buddies Alphabet Lap Books
Letter Buddies Uppercase Magnet Letters
Letter Buddies Lowercase Magnet Letters
Letter Buddies Magnet Board

Click here to enter the contest.
Good Luck!  The winner will be announced on June 2, 2014!

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