Apple Math Centers

My first math center is Apple Counting Mats 0-20. You can see in 

the picture that I use mini apple erasers but the set includes apples

 that you can cut out and laminate. Do you notice that the frame 

around each one makes an AB pattern? I love when the kids notice

 that - just throwing in learning all the time!

Next up is Count the Room - Apples. Hang the cards around your 

classroom. Place the recording sheet on a clipboard. Now find, 

count and write how many! It's a fun way to count, write, and get


My next center is Apple Pattern Cards. Practice completing 

the AB, ABC, ABB and AAB patterns. This includes 46 pattern

 cards and is easy to differentiate.

Roll, Say, Keep Shape Recognition is a great way to practice 

recognizing the following shapes circle, square, triangle, rectangle,

 heart, oval, diamond, octagon, hexagon, and trapezoid. This makes

 a great center activity or "go to" game when work is finished.

And the last one . . . Apple Ten Frames! This set includes ten

 frames for 1-10. Just place the correct amount of apples on the ten 

frame. PLUS it includes a fun ten frame game to practice simple 

addition and subtraction. All of the apples are included. 

The Apple Math Centers are available individually or as one set:

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Apple Centers for September

September is here and that means APPLES! I updated my Apples 

Math and Literacy Bundle over the summer. The bundle includes 5

 Literacy Centers and 5 Math Centers. They are great to use in your

 work station bins in your Kindergarten classrooms. I try to have a

 variety of everything you might need for this time of year. Here is 

a peak for my Literacy Centers (stay tuned for Math Centers):

The first center is Apple Rhymes. I love to play this at circle time

 first, and then move it into a center. Each pair of apples has two

 pictures. They sort them by "rhymes" or "does not rhyme".

My next center is Apple Bingo. This is a great one to introduce in 

large or small teacher led groups. I have included an uppercase set

 and a lowercase set of game boards and letter cards.

Next is Apple Beginning Sound Match. The set includes uppercase

 letters and two pictures that begin with each letter.  There are so

 many possibilities with these cards: sorting on the pocket chart,

 playing "Memory", placing them in ABC order. You can use some

 of the cards or the whole set based on ability.

Practice those sight words with Apple Sight Word Puzzles. This set

 includes 36 sight words. The words have 2, 3 or 4 letters. Each set 

is defined by the color of their apples in the basket. Spell the words 

and record them on the sheet (optional).

Five Little Apples Pocket Chart is always a class favorite! Use the

 poem cards at circle time and then have the kids use the pocket

 chart as a center! They can use the poster to help them put the

 words back in order. Props and a poetry worksheet are also


All 5 of these Apple Literacy Centers can be purchased 

individually, in my Apples Math and Literacy Bundle or in my