Back to School with The Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is a classic First Day of School book for many Pre-K, Kindergarten and first Grade Classrooms. 

I love reading this book on "Meet the Teacher Day". This day happens 2-3 days before school starts. The children come in to school to meet me, make some new friends, and to check out their new classroom and school. It's fun for them to find their cubbies, their seat at the table and see all of the fun and exciting things that Kindergarten will bring! After checking things out, I gather all of the kids at the carpet and read
The Kissing Hand to them. The parents really love listening to the story, as well. Most of them are just as nervous as the kids! I also pass around my "Chester" stuffed animal so they can all meet him and give him a hug. Together we choose a place for him to sit where he will wait for them on the first day of school! 

Our first day of school is all about Chester. The children are excited to see him waiting for them. Chester gets lots of love and hugs. Many children even show me their own kissing hands. We reread the story together. Next, the children make a “First Day of School” hand print.  Each hand print is made using large stamp pads or paint. I punch pink and red hearts out using a heart puncher. Each child picks out a heart to glue on their hand print. It is a great keepsake to take home for the first day of school!

I also make these little awards for the kids to color and take home on the first day. Just click on the picture to download it.


And just because they are all so SWEET I send them home with a kiss! These little goodie bags were made by placing a few Hershey kisses in a small jewelry bag. 

You can make some of your own by clicking on the picture below.

I hope you have a great first day that’s full of hugs and kisses!

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