"Back in the Swing of Things" Blog Hop

How long have you been back in school? A week? A month? 
The first month of school is soooooo hard on us teachers (and our 
kiddos!). It's a month filled with routine and practice all of which
are critical for a successful year! I have teamed up with some
amazing kindergarten teachers to help you get back in the "swing 
of things" and help make your back to school days easier!

How many times have you heard these words when your students
are finished their work? And you find yourself scrambling for 
something for them to work on quietly. In the past I have given the
"early finishers" activities to do while the other kids finish up their
work . . . books, sketch pads, etc. A few years ago as I
was organizing my work stations materials I realized I had a TON
of games, activities and puzzles that I never used! I pulled them
out and let the kids play with them when they were finished with
their work. They loved them! Over the years I have incorporated
the games and activities into part of my class routine. 
I call them BUSY BINS!

Here's how it works:

1. Have an area in your room where you can store baskets or bins.

2. Organize your games into skill categories: math, language arts, 
writing, reading, poetry, puzzle and fine motor.

3. Decide where you want your students to play the games. For
example, my students play the games in quiet designated areas on
the floor where they are not disturbing the kids at the tables.

4. Decide if your students will play the game/activity alone or with
a partner. I vary this depending on the time of year.

5. Code your activities for quick and easy pick up.

6. Rotate the games and activities throughout the year as the
children learn new skills.

7. Include games that reach all of your learners. (Some might be
working on letter identification while others are spelling
sight words.)

8. Teach the games BEFORE putting them in the bins so you are
not interrupted when you are helping the kids that are
still working.

9. Stick to hands on activities that don't require pencil and paper.

Need some activities to get your BUSY BINS started?

Here are some of my BEST SELLERS:

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