Spring Blog Hop


It feels so great to say that! Although we just had a blizzard and finally dug out from 18 inches of snow . . . I am looking forward to warm weather, the robins returning, buds on the trees, and flowers beginning to pop up. 

The #kinderfriends are ready to help you get your classrooms ready for Spring with a blog hop! Eight fabulous kindergarten teachers are sharing their favorite Spring activities. We are all offering Spring freebies and sales. Be sure to read to the bottom of this post on how to get all these fabulous goodies!

Today I'd like to share one of my favorite Spring activities - GRASS HEADS!

Aren't they adorable! Making grass heads is a fun way to incorporate science and art. 

Here's what you need:
clear cups
potting soil
grass seed
construction paper
Glue Dots

Directions for decorating the cups: (DO THIS PART FIRST)
You can either have precut shapes or have the children cut their own. In the picture above, I had precut circles with a circle punch for the eyes and nose. The kids added details to those features and then used construction paper to create mouths (and eyelashes!). We used glue dots to stick all of the pieces on (glue sticks and liquid glue just didn't do the trick but the glue dots were perfect!)

Directions for planting:
1. Fill a bucket with potting soil.
2. Use a scoop to fill the cup 3/4 with potting soil. 
(I have the kids do the scooping so I have one child do it at a time.)
3. Add grass seed. (Be generous as you want thick grass).
4. Scoop soil on top of the grass.
5. Water daily.

As the grass (hair) begins to grow you will be able to see the roots right through the cup! You can also have the kids trim the grass when it gets too long!

Happy Planting!

I have been very busy updating my SPRING products. 

If you are looking for math centers, language arts centers, writing centers, or calendar numbers I have placed them all on sale from March 20th - 23rd. They are perfect for morning tubs, center work, and small group time . . . there are even a few whole group games (like Spring I Have, Who Has?) that are perfect for circle time! You can find them all {HERE}.

And be sure to get this Spring Word Wall Freebie from my store:

The #kinderfriends have made it easy to find our Spring Freebies and Sales. 
Just type #kinderfriends into the search bar on TpT!

The next stop on the blog hop is my friend Wendy at First Grade Fireworks.


  1. Your grass heads are adorable - and I love that you can see the roots growing too!

  2. Your Spring Word Wall is perfect!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. We are so doing these grass heads! Too cute! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  4. LOVE the grassheads! I need to do these with my class. Thanks for sharing!

  5. About how long does it take the grass to grow? We have 5 weeks left of school and I'd like to do these next week. Thanks!