Emergent Readers for Fall

Fall is my favorite season of the year! It is an exciting time in Kindergarten, too! We always have so much fun learning about apples, leaves and pumpkins! I created these Fall Emergent Readers to incorporate Fall themes AND to support the reading skills we are working on at this time of the year.

All of the emergent readers include:

  • repetitive text
  • large text 
  • sight words
  • simple sentence structures
  • one line of text
  • familiar subject matter
  • pictures that support the reading

When using these emergent readers your students will read sight words, color words, and count. The best part is they will color their books and read them to their friends and families!

This little reader, Who Likes Apples? is fun to read during your apple theme.

It features farm animals that like to eat apples! The sight words are I, the and like.

The back page lists the sight words included in the book. It also has 5 spaces the kids can color in (check mark, stamp, or sticker) when they read to a friend at school or home!

Fire Station is a great little book to use during Fire Safety Week in October!

Each page contains the phrase "I see the" followed by an object from the Fire Station (truck, firefighter, helmet, hose, hydrant, ladder, dog, badge, ax and fire station)

Read it at home and check off a box each time!

My Autumn Walk is a Fall themed counting book. Your students will count and color Fall pictures.

Each page uses the phrase "There are . . . " followed by the number word and Fall object word. The pages are in order from one to ten

Use the back cover to practice reading the sight words. Also, check off a box each time the book is read!

Fall Leaves is a fun emergent reader for fall.

The book uses the words "The leaf is . . . " followed by a color word. The children will color the leaf to match the word on each page.

Practice reading the sight words and color words on the back page. Check off a box each time the book is read.

It's Halloween Night is a Halloween themed book with cute pictures (not scary!) so it is perfect for beginning readers!

Each page uses the phrase "Look at the . . ." followed by a Halloween word such as ghost and cat as seen below.

Review the words on the back cover and check off a box each time it's read! Happy Halloween!

Turkey Colors is a book about color words!

The children will read each page and color the turkey to match.

Practice reading the color words on the back cover and check a box each time it is read!

Do you need a place to store your emergent readers? Check out my fun family homework activity to make a book box out of a cereal box!

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