December Fine Motor Activities

The December Fine Motor Activities packet will keep your little ones busy during the most wonderful time of the year! This packet contains centers and printables to strengthen fine motor skills. The activities can be used in morning tubs, math tubs, whole group, small group or independently. Children will practice tracing, cutting, gluing, dabbing (with bingo daubers), making puzzles and creating with play dough. The activities have a Christmas and Hanukkah theme. This also includes simple holiday crafts which provide children with cutting and gluing activities.

Here are a few examples from the packet!




Rolling Play Dough:


Making Puzzles:

Have fun with these fine motor activities and Happy Holidays!

Gingerbread Centers

Today I'm going to show you centers from my Gingerbread Math & Literacy Centers Bundle. It includes 11 centers and activities for your classroom at a HUGE savings!

There are five language arts centers:

The Gingerbread Rhyming Cards activity is always a favorite for the pocket chart center! The children say the name of the pictures on the gumdrops and decide if they rhyme or do not rhyme. Then they place the card with the correct sign. I always do this activity in whole group first and then add it to my pocket chart center or morning tubs!

Gingerbread Spin a Letter is a fun way to practice letter identification and letter writing. The children will spin the spinner and cover or trace the letter. This game offers a variety of game boards and printables to practice uppercase and lowercase letter from A to Z!

Gingerbread Letter Match includes uppercase cards, lowercase cards and two sets of beginning sounds pictures from A to Z! This game can be used in so many ways - match uppercase letters, uppercase to lowercase or letters to beginning sounds! Use this one all month!

Gingerbread CVC Words includes 40 CVC picture cards. Children spell the words by writing, using letter tiles or magnets. This is a great activity for small groups or morning tubs!

Gingerbread Sight Words Roll, Say, Keep is a fun game to review 220 sight words! This game is easily modified for a variety of learners. Watch out for the FOX!

 There are five math centers:

Use the Gingerbread Counting Mats to count from 1-20! Use the gumdrop cards included or use real gumdrops to count with! These are an engaging math center activity for the whole class!

Gingerbread Pattern Cards is an engaging activity to teach students to identify and create AB, ABC, AAB and ABB patterns. Use the gumdrop pictures included or use real gumdrops to make the patterns!

Gingerbread Counting and Number Writing Game is a fun way to practice number identification, counting, tally marks, and number writing.

Gingerbread Ten Frames includes two games in one! One for counting out gumdrops (cards included) and one addition game. Place these in the math center for counting practice and partner games!

Gingerbread Count the Room is always a favorite! Hang the cards around the classroom. Give each child a clipboard and recording sheet and let them move around the room to find the cards and count! This is always a great way to get some energy out while keeping them engaged with counting! 

This unit has a BONUS! Five Little Gingerbread Pocket Chart Set includes a poem page, props, pocket charts words and printables. Your little learners will love this during circle time and in your pocket chart center! 

I hope these activities keep our little learners busy all December!